On your first visit, you will be assessed in detail to identify the main problem(s) and to decide on the best treatment plan. This assessment will involve questions about your job; daily activities; hobbies; sports; in depth questions about the presenting problem; past and current medical problems and medication. You will then have a physical examination of the appropriate area(s).

For low back pain and lower limb problems, it may be advisable to bring shorts to change into and be prepared for your feet to be examined too. For neck and shoulder problems, you may like to bring or wear a vest top to allow a good view of your spine / shoulders.

Treatment available includes manual therapy, including connective tissue massage, ultrasound, exercise therapy and acupuncture for pain relief. Physiotherapy can be helpful for many musculoskeletal conditions and injuries; spinal problems; sports injuries; nerve injuries; joint and muscle aches and pains.

Emphasis on understanding any contributing factors to the problem and how to prevent or reduce the likelihood of it becoming a recurrent problem is likely to be part of your individual treatment plan.