Mike and Eileen

Dear Ruth,

My wife Eileen and I first saw your advertisement in the Kinver Community News Sheet in January this year.

The past Five years had seen a number of various serious medical issues affect Eileen, culminating in a bad fall at the N.E.C just before Christmas, 2015. Subsequent hospital (A + E) and doctors’ surgery visits had not helped to relieve the pain she was enduring, with the result that her general health was declining at an alarming rate. In a word, we were scared!

We arranged an appointment to discuss her problems with you, resulting in a detailed analysis. Your treatment regime for Eileen has worked wonders, not only for the pain relief and improved mobilty, but for her general physical and mental health. We are so grateful for your superb attention to Eileen’s problems and the ongoing progress she has madewith you because she has actually got her life back!

With our ever-lasting thanks and good wishes for your continued success,

Mike and Eileen