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Clare F



Mike and Eileen

Dear Ruth,

My wife Eileen and I first saw your advertisement in the Kinver Community News Sheet in January this year.

The past Five years had seen a number of various serious medical issues affect Eileen, culminating in a bad fall at the N.E.C just before Christmas, 2015. Subsequent hospital (A + E) and doctors’ surgery visits had not helped to relieve the pain she was enduring, with the result that her general health was declining at an alarming rate. In a word, we were scared!

We arranged an appointment to discuss her problems with you, resulting in a detailed analysis. Your treatment regime for Eileen has worked wonders, not only for the pain relief and improved mobilty, but for her general physical and mental health. We are so grateful for your superb attention to Eileen’s problems and the ongoing progress she has madewith you because she has actually got her life back!

With our ever-lasting thanks and good wishes for your continued success,

Mike and Eileen




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To whom it may concern,

Reference: Ruth Wheeler Chartered Physiotherapist

Having suffered low back pain since the late nineteen fifties, and been in the hands of several Physiotherapists during that period, it was with some trepidation that I contacted Ruth some three years ago.

My experience, as I hope yours will be, since that initial appointment has been marvellous. I can only comment regarding her acupuncture treatment but this has been exceptional and I have had considerable relief from her treatment.

In my opinion I am happy to recommend her services wholeheartedly.
(Name and address available if required)




…knowledgeable, kind, patient, and non-judgemental. Giving inspiration and hope to anyone suffering in pain that through her practice she may alleviate pain or suffering and if not, help to point someone in the right direction regarding lifestyle to motivate them and help themselves. She has done this for me and I suppose many others. An outstanding professional.




The care that I have been shown as a patient has been excellent and I have gained so much more mobility with following the exercises.



Patient Experience Audit 2013


“Helpful, friendly and professional”


“Ruth was friendly, very helpful and explained everything”


“I just wanted to express my appreciation for your help…your quick diagnosis in identifying the root cause of the pain and discomfort I was experiencing in my left arm…writing the letter for me to hand to the doctor…I believe I would still be waiting; fortunately Dr M agreed with your diagnosis and agreed to give me steroid injections. As a result I have noticed a dramatic change for the first time in months. The pain has dramatically reduced and I am able to go about my daily routine without wincing in pain every time I move my left arm. Dr M advised that he would not need to see me again but I should continue with physiotherapy to help me get back on track.

I am very grateful for all that you have done for me and of course Dr M


The change has been dramatic for me [;] my pain has eased, my general wellbeing and mood has lifted and it is thanks to you for caring about the service you provide[.] You are clearly passionate about the job that you do and getting results for your patients [.] You care about the people you treat in helping them get back on track. I think it is important that you know what a difference you make in providing the help and support for people like me”